Friday, May 22, 2009

Double Dating and Dirt

Now Kenny, don't be so shy. She is a nice girl and besides she is Oliva's cousin. Sam, a friend of Kenny's was trying to talk him into a double date with Thelma. Sam and Kenny where neighbors both growing up on farms but had heard the call of distant lands and joined the army. Don 't know how Sam finally talked shy Kenny into the date, but it happened and Kenny fell in love with the browned haired Thelma and they where married. If Kenneth ever had a reason to hate farm life it would certainly be justified, because early in his career his Dad pulled him out of the army claiming hardship to have him come back and help on the farm. But finally Kenneth again was able to get back in the army and continue his career of being a helicopter instructor serving in World War II and the Korean Conflict. One of the smartest things Kenneth ever did was marry that little brown haired girl named Thelma, and I think probably one of the next smartest things was to visit Mr. Dunaway for a little purchase. " Mr. Dunaway, it would do me the honor of purchasing about 5o acres of your pasture, the western portion with the clump of woods." It was done. There was land for Kenneth and Thelma. Someday they might need this pasture of Dunaway dirt.


  1. I love your story-telling skills!

  2. I loved that western portion with the clump of trees. And I miss it much.