Friday, May 1, 2009

Tis in the Blood or is it?

Farming. The love of farming is in your blood well... I'm not so sure. My Daddy's contribution to my D.N.A., the Addingtons were from Boonville, Indianna. During the Great Depression they lost land and business and headed to Kentucky settling in Hardin County on several hundred acres. There where 9 children, 6 girls and 3 boys. Of the girls only one married a farmer that tilled the dirt. Of the boys 2 were farmers. My Dad was not of those 2. The story is told one day that he was out plowing the field with mule and plow, heard a sound looked up and saw a plane fly over and said "that's the life for me" and never looked back. I'm not to sure about the never looking back because that conjures up a picture of him dropping the reins leaving the mule in the pasture and running as fast as he could to the nearest recruting station. I really doubt that because my Dad was very responsible and would have taken care of the animal first. Besides my Daddy was tall and very skinny and probably had on bib overalls that were very baggy and if he ran he would surely have slipped out of them. I just can't see that as ever happenning and if it had my Daddy would have died from embarassment.

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