Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ah a sweet garden scent

I really hate deadheading flowers, but there is one garden task I love to do, what I call "suckering" the tomato plants. It's where you pinch off the newly forming vine in between 2 already formed vines in that perfect little "v". I know there is better terminology for this but it is far too late for me to say it any better. Frankly, I think it is an art and I can do it perfectly having a keen eye for those little suckers. It's kind of like diagraming sentences in English class. I was always very good at that, but never really knew how it helped in learning the parts of sentences. Many of my classmates really struggled with this task. So suckering tomato plants is kind of like that, I know it cuts down on the vine so more energy will go into producing bigger tomatos, but if you miss a few it is not the end of the gardening kingdom. I just like to do this. When I come in from the tomato patch, my daughter will say" You have been in the tomato patch again I can smell them on you. Ah, the sweet smell of fresh, green tomato leaf essense. A fragrance company called Demeter has all kinds of interesting scents and by golly they have one called"Tomato". Tomato. Tamata, maters hmmmmmmmmmmm. slurp. Love tomatoes? check out this blog by a 95 year old from Knoxville Tennessee.

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  1. Momma is a sucker!

    I still have a little bit (may 5 squirts) left of my Demeter Tomato.

    I need to show you how to add a hyperlink (where people can click on a word or website address & it will take them to the website) in the body of your blog posts.