Saturday, July 18, 2009

Do Plants Wear Panty Hose ?

This morning as I was cleaning out my purse I found a panty hose sock provided by the store where I had been trying on sandels. Stupid little thing. As I was about to pitch it I said wait just a minute panty hose-panty hose.! Now gardeners know how great panty hose are for tieing up plants and my tomatos are screaming for some help. Lots and lots of vine. Yes, I know from the gal famous for her sucker pinching skills. Well, I kind of forgot to tell you there was a pretty good time laspe where I didn't get to the tomato patch to sucker. My supply of old ratty panty hose is long gone. Wearing panty hose is just not part of my lifestyle now. Besides now it is fashionable to go with out panty hose. You just spray tan and go, even in the winter. Oh my gosh proper ladies would never hear of such a thing. So I am excited to go to the tomato patch and say look what I have a dangle the precious pany hose sock before them. Alas it is only one. Hmmmm maybe I should go shoe shopping again. Very very tempting. Now fancy farmerete don't even think such thoughts. Aren't you ashamed of yourself?


  1. This makes me smile. :)

  2. What are panty hose? :D Great to see you last night! Now...get busy writing!

  3. I love, love love your site. I am so glad that Jennifer passed it on. Can't wait to go back and read it all.